Dell charging problem and solution- start from here

Window operating system issue is plugged in or not charging, if you have recently faced this problem on your laptop then it might be possible that your laptop is suffering from lack of charging and giving bad run time power backup. It all happens because some software or hardware faults in your laptop. You may not see any charging light on your laptop screen, or might be the changing light is on. But the adapter is still not charging by showing battery status like zero percent available or by any other frozen % digit.  It might be possible that you get this error on Lenovo, Dell, Hp and Alien ware etc.  As I have said that it’s totally software or hardware related problem of the laptop. If you are suffering from this problem continuously, then don’t worry because I have explained well about the troubleshoot guide, which has possible solutions of the issue related to the charging. 

Hardware problem 

Much of time it happen that by repairing operating system is not and when the troubleshooting software won’t get beneficial then it is possible that is possible that issue is coming from faulty attached hardware components

Problem may occur because of faulty charger or may be because of the battery. This is the reason why you need to start with the hardware troubleshooting of the charger adapter of the laptop.Check power adapter: There are lots of thing that may cause problem like this. It may be because of lack of power supply. It might possible that if you are using power socket and its supply is enough power to run adapter, sometimes, it happens when socket gets broke from inside or have loose connection then also. By using “Multimeter” you can identify is your adapter is working better or not, or it is providing current or voltage to your laptop in the right amount or not.                    

 Quick guide will help you out with Multimeter testing thing 

Plug your adapter into power socket, check that whether it is properly connected or not. Do not connect your laptop to the charger.  Find voltage output unit on the back of the adapter where everything is written like this 19v4.8A.  Now put red and black wire in the socket, you would find the instruction in the manual book of the Multimeter. Set your Multimeter to direct current voltage testing mode. Be sure that knob directs to the 20v. Put red tip inside the jack and black tip outside the adapter jack. Do not touch red and black together.You check your meter to show display of the output voltage and current.For more visit If you have any problem regarding Dell device then visit Dell Customer Support.