Norton Vs AVG Antivirus Issues 

Norton and AVG, both are anti-malware software aimed to detect and root out the malware. Malware is a malicious software that includes defamed set of computer instructions to disfigure the internal structure of the system. 

There are still various issues which create resentment among the Norton and AVG users. These issues vary from user to user. These issues are not permanent but could be easily resolved if truly taken care of.  

Norton Antivirus Issue 

Longer duration in updating- While updating the existing version of the antivirus, the new problem of the duration arises. Sometimes, installing takes more than the unexpected time which would further lead to the failure of the installation. This is the most embarrassing issue one could face. It is prone to the technical issue. It is better to try again if you fail to download in your very first attempt, but if the problem persists in the second attempt then it is the best option to dial Norton phone number.  

Slow-down other operations- The loudest complaint by the users has always been in the radar slow-down other operations. Running an Antivirus causes other programs work haltingly. It also causes the system work unresponsively. Sometimes, the system goes completely non-responsive.  Real-time scanning issue- Sometimes, auto detecting and removing the files do not work properly that eventually allows the unwanted files to penetrate the system. This is the real matter of concern. It is like playing with the personal’s security. Contact Norton customer care immediately if you encounter this issue. 

AVG Antivirus Issue 

Downloading issue- It is not a difficult task to download AVG antivirus on your system. Still, the worst cases include the delay and the failure of downloading. If the problem persists for a long duration then do not overlook the issue, get it resolved as soon as you could.  Real-time scanning- Real-time issues in AVG antivirus are as same as in Norton antivirus so, always remember the aphorism “precaution is better than cure.” Do not delay to resolve this horrible issue. 
Slow processing- Slow processing in AVG antivirus is the critical issue towards the security of the system. The possible cases are the size of the files, the total number of the files, and the other running tasks on your system. So, do worry if you face any one of the problems. All you have to do is to perform actions in one of the mentioned possible cases.

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