Common problems of Canon printer

Canon printer is one of the best printers available in the market. Canon printer has a huge demand in the market. Having a high demand market but still, it has some common technical problems like other printers. 

To know more about Canon printer click on Canon printer support.  This article will summarize some common problems of Canon printer to help the users facing any problem with it.

Paper jam- It is one of the most common problems of a common printer.

In this problem, a printer is receiving a print command but it is not able to give a print because of a paper stuck in a roller. Paper jam happens because of the wrong size of papers or papers are not properly fitted in a printer.

To overcome this problem a user needs to open a printer and should take out the paper manually from a printer. Old papers should be removed from the printer because it gets moisture and because of which it gets stuck to the roller. A tray of the printer should be cleaned before setting papers in a tray of a printer. Note: If you don't know how to remove stuck paper from Canon Printer, Contact at Canon Printer Support Number.

Power supply- Sometimes it happens that a user is giving a print command but a printer is not receiving it. Power supply or cable connection might be the reason for this. The first basic step of this problem is to check all the cable connections attached to a printer and to a power socket. Unplug them and after sometime insert them again. Try to give a print command again. 

Faulty printing- If the print given by a canon printer is not of desired quality means printing is misaligned, images are blur, margins are not correct then check and reset printer settings in a computer. Set the paper layout. Margin size, border size, paper type and all necessary setting required for proper printing. Sometimes it is due to empty cartridge ink. In case, if you need to refill Canon Printer Ink, just visit

Printer head- In proper printing from a Canon printer, printer heads play an important role. If printer heads are not properly cleaned or not properly set then the print will be not of desired quality. Paper heads can be cleaned or set manually by opening a printer. It can also be done by computer, to do this go to print head cleaner icon on the screen. 

Network problem- It is also one of the most common problems with a Canon printer. This happens when after receiving a print command printer shows an error message on a screen. To overcome this problem just go to printer folder and check for any pending task. If there is any pending task clean it and give a print command again.